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6 Reasons You Should Hire A Site Sourcing Expert Today

Stop Stressing of Site Source Selection

Were you just tasked with setting up a meeting, training, event, or incentive trip, but you already have a full-time job to do? Perhaps you manage large conferences and need to focus on the content and marketing to increase revenues and drive attendee engagement.

Either way, finding the perfect destination, venue, and negotiating contracts that meet your budget and goals can be exhausting, not to mention stressful!

Stop spinning your wheels and spending hours and even weeks over site sourcing, contract negotiations, and site inspection planning. That's what the experts at HPN Global do full-time. Oh, and did we mention, it's FREE!

JW Meeting Solutions owner, Julia Willmott, is a Global Account Director with HPN Global because we know the power of being part of the greatest sourcing company around. We get the power of over 150 employees and associates to help with our sourcing!

1. Take Back Your Time

Our clients' number one complaint is there is never enough time. And yet, time is the most precious resource we have. When trying to find the perfect venue, hotel, and vendors, it can take hours researching, days and even weeks to get responses from hotels, and then by the time the board or decision makers select a hotel, they have already sold the space to another group. Sound familiar?

When working with our team, we can source multiple cities, countries, and hotels and get you a complete report of available hotels that meet your needs back in the same week! If that isn't enough, we also have HPN Global associates around the world who keep detailed notes on tips, tricks, and insight with working with the hotels.

EXAMPLE NOTE: "When booking XYZ Hotel, make sure to get your room block in the North Tower if your space is in the Grand Ballroom. The other tower is a long walk and attendees may get lost. Set up registration on the South end of the Grand Ballroom, because the flow from the elevators and main entrance is much easier for attendees. The hotel will fight you on some contract clauses, but the service is amazing."

Interested in seeing a report sample? We can do a live demo and show you how it works.

2. Save Your Money

What if you could add a "team member" to your staff without having to add a paycheck? That's basically what you get with our professional team! All site sourcing, selection, and contract negotiations (10+ room nights) is FREE to you. Yes, you read that correct - NO COST. We are paid via commission from the hotel and this DOES NOT affect the great room rates we are able to secure for you. We have reports we can share during our live demos to prove it!

3. We Do This Every Day

Our team at JW Meeting Solutions is made of Certified Meeting Professionals and industry experts with a combined 46 years of experience! Our job is to know the meetings industry, trends, new laws, compliance, risk mitigation, and more. We know you don't have time to attend 30+ hours of training and courses a year to stay on top of the meeting industry trends. That's what we do for you.

Need to know about the EU GDPR changes? Do you understand the new clauses in your contracts and how they will affect your ROI and Risk? Have you tried some of the new event tech trends and want to know the best companies to work with? Interested in scanning software for your next registration?

Let us give you the executive summary and make sure we keep you on top of your event game!

4. Say Goodbye to Stress

"My favorite thing to do is call a hotel 5 times and not get a response. When I do get a call back I love to fight for hours over the phone about contract clauses" - said no one ever!

If you love getting ignored and haggling, then we may not be the right fit for you. If you wish you could wiggle your nose (I dream of Jeannie style) and it would all be done for you...well your wish is granted!

Let us take on all the madness of logistics and contract negotiations. You have enough to deal with.

5. Get Back to Meeting Your Goals

Your job is to meet your ROI and KPI goals. Content is king and you need to focus on great speakers and programming. What about creating memorable experiences that resonate with your attendees? This should be what you spend your valuable time on, not trying to see if you can fit 13 people in rounds because there are no hotels left with space to accommodate your program.

Content and Goals are your priorities. Let us handle the logistics.

6. Mitigate Risk

Risk can come in many forms and during different steps throughout your planning process.

Is your registration and the information your company and the hotel has in compliance with EU GDPR regulations? What is a GDPR you ask?

Do you have to track spend, stay within GSA rate requirements, or set up reports for compliance?

Contract clauses with hotels are a HUGE factor. Do you understand your attrition clause? Do you have a No Walk Clause for your group? How about a Rebook Clause, Resale or Audit Clause? Not sure what some of these clauses even are? Don't worry, we do and we are able to help you navigate the best ways to mitigate risk. We pride ourselves at JW Meeting Solutions in constantly learning the best ways to help our clients mitigate risk.

After all, your success is our success!

7. BONUS - Make a New Friend

Let's face it. We all could use a friend when work gets hard and we just need someone to chat with about... well anything. Whether you landed a new client and want to celebrate with someone or want to find more resources to step up your event planning game, we've got you!

HPN Global's motto is #RelationshipsMatter and we mean it. JW Meeting Solutions also has a motto #WorkHardPlayHarder and we are serious about fun with friends!

If you are interested in learning more, you can contact us or Schedule a Demo Today!


JW Meeting Solutions is a full service meeting and event management company.

We specialize in the management of conferences and events of all shapes and sizes, across a broad spectrum of arenas; from medical, educational, business and scientific to government and association.

We’re practiced in finding solutions to any challenge to create an event experience with a difference.

Our passion is to create exceptional educational programs and meetings that engage, educate, and foster attendee affinity with the mission and vision of our partner organizations.

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