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Instagram-able Incentive Trips

Incentive trips have been around a long time and many corporate meeting planners, Marketing Managers, HR, and Executive Assistants have the difficult task of constantly finding new, unique, and #trendinglocations!

Whether it is the traditional sandy beaches and golf courses or remote snowy mountain towns, incentive trips drive engagement and retention. Creating the ultimate incentive trip can be difficult, but we are here to help. Let's face it, we live in a "FOMO" world where everyone has a little fear of missing out.

Below, we share some of our favorite "instagram-able" destinations along with experiential ideas each exceptional destination offers. Remember, it's not just about getting your attendees there, it is about creating memorable, never been done before, moments! #wishyouwerehere

Alberta, Canada

**Photo Credit Fairmont Hotels & Resorts, Canada’s Western Mountain Region. Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge and Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise.

If you want a sense of ultimate luxury while not having to travel across the seas, then you only need look up north to Alberta, Canada. It might not be the first destination that comes to mind when you think of an incentive trip, but we assure you it will not disappoint!

Whether you are looking for a lakeside retreat with "picture perfect" views or an adventure for your more active attendees, Alberta has you covered.

Of course, this article is not just about sharing the breath taking images, but also sharing some incredible moments that your attendees can enjoy. Our friends at Fairmont shared some of their favorite activities that will make anyone want to share a snapshot.

  • Skate around an actual ice castle sculpted for photo perfection.

  • Stretch and shoot the perfect moment while you do yoga alongside the deep blue waters and gaze at the snow covered mountains.

  • Capture laughter and playful moments while you cross country ski in powdery white trails overlooking the breathtaking views.

  • Explore the starry skies and be left in awe by the endless beauty of everything above during a Dark Sky Experience.

  • Cozy up to a warm fire and get a close-up of what relaxation looks like.

  • Or simply take your favorite selfie while hiking, canoeing, kayaking, horseback riding and mountain biking in the summer and ice skating, snowshoeing and skiing in the winter.

*Check out our Instagram page to see more of these activities each Monday starting in September when we post the "Incentive Travel Image of the Week!" After all, we all need a reason to look forward to Mondays.

Barcelona, Spain

When it comes to beautiful places to photograph, Barcelona, Spain is always on the top of the list. It is also one of our favorite incentive destinations to recommend. Barcelona is a vibrant city that offers a little bit of everything for everyone.

You will find a fantastic selection of hotels, beautiful meeting facilities, and of course a large gastronomical experience paired will with nearby, high quality wineries.

Oh, did we mention incredible architecture, divine cultural experiences, and one of the most modern ports in Europe, Old Port?

If that isn't inspiring enough for your Instragram story, here are a few points for posting.

  • Gaze and snap all the beautiful architecture of Gaudi.

  • Take a few foodie photos on a tasty Tapas Tour.

  • Marvel in the 20+ museums and get a little picture inspiration from Picasso.

  • Sharpen your chef skills with a pro and enjoy a cooking course with items fresh from the market. We're pretty sure anyone would want to watch a live video of your cooking creation!

  • Work off all the delightful delicacies by taking a bicycle tour around Barcelona - great for a few action shots.

  • How about bringing your selfies up a notch with a beauty makeover and 1 hour professional photoshoot tour?

Need a few more ideas? We have over 50 in our Best of Barcelona list. We love to share our secrets with clients and our goal is to make them look good!

Belfast, Ireland

Escape to the city that inspired the Chronicles of Narnia and Gulliver’s Travels and where Game of Thrones is filmed!

Belfast is known for some of the coolest pubs, superb shopping and “enough eateries to satisfy ever taste and budget”. – Visit Belfast

This isn't just a stunning city to sit around and gaze at, there are tours of all kinds. If exploration is your theme, then Belfast is the place for your next incentive trip.

  • Discover the Legend of Titanic in the city where it all began.

  • Stay at a luxury hotel that will make you feel like a King! Perhaps sleeping at the original official palace for the Bishops of Down will do the trick to evoke a little FOMO from your friends.

  • Get your own iconic angled shot of Belfast City Hall.

  • Green thumb? Whether you enjoy gardening or just photos of amazing foliage you will want to capture a few images at the Botanic Gardens.

  • Get a selfie with a gorilla at the Belfast Zoo.

  • Take a helicopter tour of the spectacular Giant’s Causeway. Take some video while you are at it.

  • “Winter is Coming” and you won’t want to miss it. Embark upon a Game of Thrones Tour of the North and create your own insta-story!


So close, yet so many have never been able to see it for themselves!

Cuba is still a hot and trending destination when it comes to incentive travel, and it is no wonder why. After almost six decades of travel restrictions many Americans have fantasized about this neighboring country that is only 90 miles from Southern Florida.

In 2014, travel regulations were changed to make travel to Cuba easier for Americans. Recent travel changes have made pure tourism travel not allowed, however traveling in "support of the Cuban people" is allowed. The easiest way to comply with the new regulations is to work with a tour operator. Part of the new regulations requires interacting with locals. We think that is a fantastic way to visit a country. This also means your incentive itinerary needs to include activities that provide genuine interactions. So a little less time sleeping on the beach and more time spent doing salsa classes or cooking classes.

If you want an activity filled, culturally engaging experience, with award worthy photo opportunities, here are a few tour option ideas that will elevate your incentive trip and bring in some of the most spectacular sites and experiences:

  • Capture the sounds of Cuba in a live stream! An evening at one of Trinidad’s vivacious music venues is a must!

  • Enjoy quality beach time in Cayo Jutias and get that perfect vacation snapshot of the sandy beach and blue waters.

  • Take a leisurely stroll through Havana’s Old Town, with pauses for coffee (and Cuban coffee is amongst the best in the world), or stop for a delicious mojito. Can there ever be too many posts of coffee at sunrise?

  • Go horseback riding in Viñales and check out where the world famous cigars come from. Don't run out of photo storage as you snap away on this tour!

  • Take the opportunity to visit a local waterfall, historic sugar mill or one of Cuba’s best beaches while in Trinidad. Between the brightly painted streets of Trinidad and the local waterfalls your Instagram feed will look like you have been transported to a new world.

  • Car enthusiast? Look no further for the perfect shot a vintage car to wrap up your photo tour.

Want more Instagram-able Incentive Trip Ideas?

Follow us on Instragram as we continue to explore and share the top destinations, dining, group activities, and awe-inspiring moments.

Need help booking your next Instagram-able Incentive Trip? Contact us today!

Here is a sneak peak of destinations that will be featured in our future posts.


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