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Site sourcing made simple

We've got this.

Site sourcing made simple. Reduce Risk. Maximize ROI. 


JW is an associate of HPN Global with the goal to generate savings for our customers and create long lasting partnerships.


Whether this is your first conference or your 40th, you know that meeting planning is hard. Our goal is to make site sourcing simple and ROI driven. 


If your program is 10 or 10,000 people, we take the time out of finding the perfect destination and venue, writing a responsive RFP, analyzing the results, mitigating risks and negotiating a “win-win” for you and the venue.  Partnering with HPN will immediately expand your resources and increase your staff – just when you need it and at no cost to you.



No-cost consulting services for meeting and event RFPs, site selection, negotiations, contract review and more.

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All HPN Global contracts include multiple client-friendly clauses and concessions from the start. We further review every line to keep our clients protected and assure all negotiated details are in writing.


We tap our extensive industry network to assist with options for Destination Management Companies (DMC), transportation and audio-visual companies, entertainment and more.


These services never cost the client a penny, and ultimately save the organization both time and money.


Any country, any city, even at sea, our global network sources markets based on the client's specific needs to find a custom fit for each program.


We drive the request for proposal process, generating a comprehensive review of options in less than 48 hours, and offering our insight as to which proposals hold the best value.


We leverage our hospitality experience and relationships to attain our client maximum value for each program, including best rates and concessions, and to help protect them both legally and financially.

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